About the Company

Windsor Stevens is a development firm with strategic focus on transit-oriented development (TOD). Our strategic focus aims to create a vibrant, walkable and livable urban community close to mass transit. Windsor Stevens mixed-use developments include a long list of desirable lifestyle amenities that enhance the multi-family residential choice. Our criteria for site selection will be primarily focused on TOD opportunities. To further ensure the success of the development projects, our site selection will also considers proximity to job clusters such as major airports, office and educational campus and medical centers.

Our Vision

To develop economic, social and environmental sustainable communities that are respectful of the local cultural traditions while moving humanity forward.

Guiding Principles

  • Commitment to excellence and utmost integrity in the conduct of  our business either externally with our clientele or internally with  our employees and consultants working on behalf of the firm.
  • Observe a consistent and persistent attitude towards a given task  while challenging a status quo by way of instituting creative and  practical solutions.


Rod Mullice

Managing Partner

Windsor Stevens Managing Partner Rod Mullice is an experienced developer who believes deeply in the crucial role the built environment plays in creating healthy communities. His vision is not just about creating spaces where people live, work and play. His approach to development focuses on crafting a built environment that encourages social interaction, technological innovation, environmental sustainability, and transportation options, facilitating the Connected Lifestyle.

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Julie Hairston
Vice President Communications
Kimberly Melton
Principal / Investor Relations Manager
Chevene B. King III
Project Executive and Head of Asset Management
Phillip Rogers
Project Executive and Head of Capital Markets

Our History

In forming Windsor Stevens, Rod Mullice seeks to honor the courage, bravery and entrepreneurial spirit of his family heritage.

The company name, Windsor Stevens, first belonged to a 19th Century Georgia entrepreneur from whom Rod Mullice is descended seven generations on his mother’s paternal side. Born enslaved in Liberty County, GA, Windsor Stevens was so trusted and industrious that he managed to amass a significant private herd of livestock even before Emancipation. He started with a flock of chickens, then began to trade up into larger and more valuable livestock, including hogs, cows and horses. Over a period of 20 years, Windsor Stevens performed paid work beyond his slave labor on the plantation. He used his earnings to buy livestock and bartered it to increase his holdings. He bought a four-year-old horse so that he could visit his wife 18 miles away, records show.

When the Union Army arrived in Liberty County in 1864, Windsor Stevens, then a free man as a result of the Emancipation Proclamation fed the soldiers and washed their clothes. Slowly, the soldiers began confiscating his property: first the horses, then, later, other stock, slaughtering some of the hogs on-site before carrying them away to feed the troops.


Windsor Stevens did not object at the time the soldiers took his horses and hogs because he understood their presence as a necessary act of freedom for his people. After the war ended, at 50 years of age he enrolled in a Freedmen’s Bureau school to learn to read and write – a right denied to enslaved people during the antebellum period.

Not long afterwards, he filed a claim for compensation from the U.S. government for confiscation of his property by Union soldiers. In the claim, he listed two horses, seven hogs and 28 stock hogs, valued at a total of $509. He presented testimony from three witnesses who vouched that he owned the property at the time of confiscation.




In 1876, the U.S. government approved $266 of the claim to Windsor Stevens for his losses.

On his father’s side of the family, Rod Mullice is a descendant of Plymouth Frazier, Sr. born enslaved in 1820 in Liberty County, Georgia. Plymouth Frazier’s property was also seized by Union soldiers during the Civil War and he filed a claim which was subsequently denied on a technicality. His son, Plymouth Frazier, Jr. appealed the decision for non-consideration of his father’s claim. The case was heard before the 60th Congress during its congressional proceedings and debates and Plymouth Frazier, Jr. was awarded $122 on behalf of Plymouth Frazier, Sr.’s estate.

Rod Mullice honors the entrepreneurial drive and courage of his family lineage by naming his company to honor his forefathers, who overcame significant challenges to achieve personal fulfillment and honor.

“To Move Forward,
You Have to Give Back”

Oprah Winfrey

Community engagement is fundamental to our mission. The Connected Lifestyle includes engaging with the challenges each community faces. Windsor Stevens is committed to civic improvement that makes life better for every resident of the areas we serve. That means contributing to effective nonprofits and programs that support and lift up those who are struggling or lack the resources needed to live healthy, productive lives.

The Rose Stevens Mullice Academic Achievement Awards

Every year since 2016, Rod Mullice has awarded a gift of $100 to the top student in every grade at College Park Elementary School. Named for his mother, these awards are intended to promote a passion for learning and achievement that these children will carry forward into their academic and professional careers.

Triple Double Academy

The Pad on Harvard sponsored this annual basketball camp for boys ages 10-15. Triple Double Academy focuses not only on improving these boys’ athletic skills, but also provides equal emphasis on academic skills and character development. It aims to guide these kids toward positive values during a period of their lives that can be challenging. By providing positive outlets for their energy and aspirations along with good role models, Triple Double Academy helps to build the youth of today into the leaders of tomorrow.